A look at (mainly European) science and research from a progressive perspective.

My focus is on medium/long-term structural issues that are not always being addressed in the existing policy and business discourses nor by the academic community in science and innovation policy.

The ‘EU’ tab at the top right opens my notes on points of EU science policy.(1)

The ‘Topics’ tab opens detailed reports on the landscape of science and research (contain attributed interviews with key individuals in the field).

Planned topics (2023)

What can small states do to position themselves in global science? A look at science and research strategies in microstates.

Anarchy in the sciences: how could we better mobilize science and research in European green organizations?

What does science and research look like in major crises? How do science and research systems recover from such crises?

20 years since In Search of Modernity: Science and Technology in Africa (ed. Paul Tiyambe Zeleza and Ibulaime Kokoma), what has changed, viewed from the perspective of a science policy analyst?

Dr. William Burns PhD MSc

PhD-qualified science policy advisor with 15 years’ experience at the science-policy interface (primarily in health, environment and sustainability fields). I have advised government agencies, universities and international organizations on science and research.


william@resorg.news / +34 633 93 50 45

(1) DG R&I, ECA, European Ombudsman, EU-ANSA, ERAC, ITRE, JRC, KEP, SEDEC, STOA